Be Part of the Panel Debate about the Future of Lighting

Debate with the leading minds in the lighting industry about the future of lighting, light quality and digitalization at the Expert Panel Debate on September 27th at 5 p.m. in the Grossen Saal:

– Helmut Kinzler – Zaha Hadid Architects, Senior Associate – Representing Architecture
– Susanna Antico – Lighting Design Studio – Representing Lighting Design
– Fred Maxik – Lighting Science Group, Founder and CTO – Representing Light Centric Humans
– Jan Denneman – Global Lighting Association, President – Representing the Global Lighting Industry
– Norman Bardsley – Bardsley Consulting, President – Representing LED & OLED Technologies
– Stefan Yazzie Herbert – The Paranormal Unicorn, Founder – Representing Lighting Project Designers


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