Bluetooth Mesh Network Chip Targets Smart Home Lighting

Cypress Semiconductor has introduced a device which delivers Bluetooth mesh network connections certified by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG).

Distinguishing it from traditional Bluetooth interfaces, mesh networking technology enables devices within the network to interface with each other to provide coverage throughout even the largest homes, allowing users to conveniently control all of the devices via apps on their smartphones and tablets.
Brian Bedrosian, vice president of marketing for the IoT at Cypress, writes:

“Our wireless solutions also deliver industry-leading coexistence and radio performance, which is essential for uninterrupted connectivity in increasingly crowded home networks.
“We are excited to see the adoption of Bluetooth mesh in the smart home starting with the debut of the market’s first certified consumer lighting products enabled by our technology.”

Market research firm ABI Research has predicted that there could be more than 57 million Bluetooth smart lightbulbs by 2021.
Cypress’ CYW20719, CYW20706, and CYW20735 Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) combo solutions and CYW43569 and CYW43570 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo chipsets offer fully compliant Bluetooth mesh.
Cypress also offers Bluetooth mesh certified modules and an evaluation kit. The chips are supported in version 6.1 of Cypress’ WICED software development kit (SDK).


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