Design Empowers Everyone. Come to Bregenz, Present, and Be Inspired!

by Rogier van der Heide

There used to be this idea of design being something for creatives only. You’d have to wear a black turtleneck and glasses with a thick frame to be entitled to create something. In lighting design, it’s not much different: the professionals have been discussing for many years now how to determine whether you are a lighting designer or – how unfortunate is that – whether you are not.

I believe, however, that the technological advancements have not only brought us energy savings and – albeit after a decade of discussions whether LED light is “good” or “bad” – a plethora of new possibilities… Technology has also enabled something much more important: light and lighting design have been democratized, are now very affordable and safe to experiment with. Lighting technology sparks creativity in so many professions, creating value across industries we never even thought of before. And light is just plain good fun to work with for so many. Doctors, farmers, automotive engineers, scenographers, business consultants, urbanists, product designers, astronauts, toy designers, architects and not in the least consumers… All now have access to light, and they all do create with it. Gone are the times that lighting technology was something complicated to understand, rooted in physics and chemistry. It is so exciting! Everyone can now create with light, and everyone is a lighting designer.

The images with this article show what I mean. Are you getting excited? Let’s create the opportunity to share with the rest of us what you do with light, how it empowers your business and your industry, and how it helps you to reach goals. How you use light make people healthy, happy, productive and excited…. How you inspire them and how you enable and empower businessess, products, services and the public space.

Together with Luger Research, the brilliant organizers of LED Professional Symposium, I now create a new event: Trends in Lighting. This September, in the beautiful town of Bregenz in Austria. A venue for your ideas about creating with light. A place to learn from other mavericks and creatives, in other industries, who share your passion for light. A stage to showcase your designs, your inventions, your processes… A place to get empowered, to teach and to learn.

We are now looking for you: speakers, presenters, workshop leaders, performers…. Professionals of all traits who create value with light. Because everyone is a designer. Contact us via, and hopefully we see you in September, on stage at Trends in Lighting in Bregenz!

Visit the Trends in Lighting website to sign up!

Images: OLED Wall | Philips Lighting, Volvo tail lighting | Volvo Design Centre, Canton Tower | Rogier van der Heide


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