Festival Shows Ancient Town In A Whole New Light.

Lichtstadt Feldkirch is a new biennial festival dedicated to creating art with light. Held in Vorarlberg, the inaugural event was an outstanding cultural success for the region. Multiple projects scattered throughout Feldkirch allowed visitors to see the ancient town in a whole new light.

As soon as night fell the art work transformed the historical centre into a large open-air museum. The collections of work came from international artists including ArtificialOwl, Ólafur Elíasson, Thilo Frank, Philipp Spirit, Neon Golden, David Reumüller, starsky, Nives Widauer, and Stoph Sauter feat. Rey Zorro.

Light was used to create objects, films, projections, mappings and sculptures. Time and people became active participants in the varied works. Crowds gathered in the streets to interact with the city like they had never done before.

The festival showed light manifesting itself in numerous formats, often changing across genres. Light as a material or medium has a long tradition in the visual arts and, due to the continual innovations in technology, light will evolve to include new forms of light, energy and media. The art, the urban space with its many stories and faces, as well as modern technologies were all in the frame at “Lichtstadt Feldkirch” and all added to a unique overall experience.

Image credit:  Darko Todorovic


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