LG Innotek Releases An “Eye-Pleasing (EP)” LED

The new “EP LED” from LG Innotek is a lighting LED inspired by previous research on the interaction between light and eye. The company applied its proprietary technology to designing an ultra-precision LED chip to control the wavelength of light.

“EP LED” controls the wavelength of “blue light,” which corresponds to 380nm – 500nm of the visible light. It generates the wavelength of 415 to 455 nanometers, which is known to generate reactive oxygen in the retina and give stress to the eyes, by up to 60%~70% less than the sunlight or the former LEDs.

The “EP LED” can also be used to create a light that can improve cognitive ability and concentration compared with conventional white LED products. This is possible because EP LED emits the wavelength between 465 and 495nm of which wavelength is known to activate the physiological function of a human body up to 20% more than the natural sunlight does.

“EP LED” product can be also used with color temperature tuning solutions in office, retail, or hospital environments. It can activate the bio-rhythm with the high color temperature close to the natural sunlight. In addition, it can improve the sense of stability of people and patients in the lounge or the hospital patient rooms with the low color temperature.

June O Song, Vice President of LG Innotek’s LED Business Unit, emphasized, “EP LED, which best represents the functionality of LED lighting, is not only beneficial to eye health, but also conducive to effective learning and improved work concentration.” He also addressed, “LG Innotek will continue to develop a new LED lighting market segment with its proprietary and state-of-the-art technologies.”


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