Call for Speakers: TiL 2018 is Your Chance to Influence the Future of Lighting Design

TiL 2018 will inspire and encourage attendees to build a future for lighting design that is relevant and secure, and our speaker opportunities mean you can be part of creating that future. Our mission is to bring together the most fascinating innovators, inventors and industry leaders, and that includes you.

Bridge the Gap

It is time to close the innovation circle, to bridge the gap between technologies and design to reinvigorate how lighting designers, architects, engineers, consultants, planners and investors think, so they can realize the full potential, and value, of lighting design.

The effect of lighting technologies, and therefore lighting design, on everyday life has reached a crucial point, one that requires all of our input. By coming together we hope to create a future of Lighting Design that is the best possible version of itself.

Use Til 2018 as your Launch Pad

We want you to join us in speaking at TiL 2018.  We are looking for the most inspiring, compelling and thought provoking speakers to share their thoughts on topics such as smart cities and buildings, connectivity, miniaturization, embedded lighting, LiFi, and security, to name a few.  The full list of topics can be found at

Open up to Global a Network

For all our speakers we offer the chance to join us for the full 3 day programe in the beautiful city of Bregenz, Austria.  TiL is not just a conference, it is also the perfect opportunity for you to network with the leading international lighting designers. It is important to remember that sometimes you have to take a break from the “work” of your work, to sharpen your skills.

Speaker submission for TiL 2018 is now open. More information and the submission form can be found here:


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