Trends in Lighting Joins Forces with Giants of Design Media dezeen

TiL 2017 proudly announces its partnership with the global design publication dezeen.

Dedicated to bringing together, sharing and debating the latest news and advances in lighting trends and technologies, with the largest possible audience of designers and architects, TiL 2017 recognized dezeen, the world’s most popular and influential architecture and design magazine, as the perfect platform to help them do just this.

TiL 2017 and dezeen both present carefully curated content, covering the most exciting and inspirational design topics and discoveries from around the world. With this year’s TiL focusing on the core subjects of Human Centric Lighting, Connected Lighting, Smart Controls, IoT and Light as a Service, dezeen’s highly active community of design professionals and knowledgeable consumers are the event’s key audience.

dezeen’s mission as a publication is simple: To bring a carefully edited selection of the best architecture, design and interior projects and news from around the world to its readers and this fits exactly to TiL 2017‘s goals.

“dezeen was the obvious choice as a partner for TiL 2017. Both dezeen and TiL want to perpetuate and drive debate, inspiration and innovation in design and we hope their audience will enjoy and enrage with TiL this year and in the future.” Siegfried Luger, Event Director.

Follow them on twitter: @dezeen




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