UniCredit Pavilion Milan – Organic Design Made of Wood and Glass

Client: UniCredit, Milan
: aMDL Architetto Michele De Lucchi Srl, Milan
Lighting Design
: Lighting design: Gruppo C14, Alexander Bellman
Lighting Systems: Compact, Grasshopper, Light Board, Optec, Pollux @ ERCO
Trends, Architecture
: Organic design made of wood and glass
Lighting Features: Architect and lighting designer Alexander Bellman, who founded Gruppo C14 in Milan in 2003, “The energy efficiency, long life and low maintenance requirements of the products are compelling,” the lighting designer explains, continuing: “Another strong argument is the use of Spherolit lenses to ensure perfect visual control for a precisely planned and implemented lighting concept – giving us absolute certainty in planning. Visuals and the actual result are virtually congruent.”
Sources: ERCO http://www.erco.com/projects/culture/unicredit-pavilion-milan-6440/en/




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